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Maintenance Benefits

  • Get major upgrade versions at no extra charge (just download and install)
  • Apply the latest design specifications and building codes
  • Receive bug-fixes and updates
  • Obtain the best technical supports
  • Move your licenses around to different machines or employees (once a year)
  • Improve software reliability, performance and functionality

Maintenance is Optional, But Recommended

Paying annual maintenance is the lowest-cost way to use our products. Technically, you do not need to pay maintenance fees. Previously installed and activated products will continue to work “indefinitely”. There are risks and costs associated with letting your maintenance expire

    Expiration Risks
  • You cannot activate expired licenses on new machines.
  • You may not be able to enable on a repaired machine (e.x. hardware change, or OS upgrade).


  • If your maintenance licenses are expired, you will no longer access to new versions. Furthermore, bug fixes and technical supports will be limited.
  • If you want to upgrade later, you must contact our office. The upgrade cost is three times of current maintenance cost. If you request upgrades, you will receive the latest version of your product and one year of maintenance.