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About HanGil IT

About HanGil IT

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HanGil IT Co., LTD., plays a role in the process of construct information technology by developing software for design of construction planning, proposal, design, construction, supervision, maintenance and management which will enrich our life. Using our software, you can enhance your design quality, reduce costs and working time through the automation of drawing work and structural calculations. and material and requirements calculation which require many manpower and time.The data from our software can make minimize working time and make accurate in the field.

About HanGil IT

Our Businesses

  • Engineering

    We’re developing and selling automated programs for designing various structures needed for the construction of public infrastructures including roads, railroads, monorail, etc. We’re making a lot of efforts to meet the various requirements of our customers including the Ministry of Land, Transportation, Maritime Affairs, Korea Expressway Corp., Korea Rail Network Authority, Korea Land Corp., Korea National Housing Corp., Korea Rural Community Corp., etc.

  • Plant

    We’re improving engineering efficiency of our customers by developing and customizing plant design software for each of them which can be applied in the areas of engineering work, piping work, process and project management while supporting planning, design, production, execution and maintenance.

  • eBiz

    In comparison with the conventional business approaches. We’re now living in the middle of the Internet online business age of unlimited competition. Never have online company values been more important than nowadays. In that sense, web sites are the most effective means for marketing. It is important to utilize web sites as an effcient e-marketing platform through consistent web site strategy based on long/mid-term on/offline integrated marketing strategy. Based on the three core capabilties of Strategy, Creativeness and Technology and our experts with knowledge, kouw-how and ingenuity, we will provide our customers with optimized e-Biz model solutions and implement them successfully by analyzing customers’pursued values.

  • Software

    We’re developing products by employing various requirements of our customers including many bridge construction companies and state-run institutes. We promise to do our best to develop and provide outstanding products to our customers based on our leading-edge technology and service spirit attained while developing and dealing with commercial products.

  • Business Management

    We provide tool to systematically manage not only the structures of plant, engineering and construction areas, but also risk, estimate, design and revision history. By customizing our systems to meet the requirements of each customer to improve the efficiency of engineering technology. We help our customers provide quality products with reduced cost within a reduced project.