Types of Licenses

  • Single-User Licenses
  • Network Licenses
  • Educational/Student Licenses
  • Free-Research Licenses
  • Free-Trial Licenses
  • Purchase Review Licenses

Single-User Licenses

By far the most popular license type is the single-user license, which is assigned (by you) to a specific employee or machine.
A single-user license may be used by one person one  machineIt can not be moved, and it supports moving another machine once a year during the maintenance period.
The software is ‘activated’ on machine you use via the Internet.
– For more than 6 user licenses, please contact us for special price(20% off).

Network Licenses

If you buy a network license, you may use the software on more computers in the network (intranet) . The maximum number of users that can work with the software at once is given by the number of purchased licenses. In order to run the application, the appropriate network license has to be connected to a computer in the network.
– The price of the network version (intranet only) is threefold of the Single User License.
(If you want to purchase the network version, please contact us.)

Educational/Student Licenses

HanGil has an educational program.
– Schools, universities and institutions, please contact us for special price (50% off).

Free-Research Licenses

This version is only available for preparing dissertation.
This version is available for up to 90 days.
(15 days trial version is preferentially available, and the same version is provided upon request.)

The free research version is available for up to 90 days

Free-Trial Licenses

If you download and run AStrutTie 5 days trial without a license, they are automatically running as a free-trial license that is time-restricted (5 days).

If you want get AStrutTie trial (5 days), Click download !!!

Purchase Review Licenses

The purchase review version is available for 15 days

– If your area is in China, please contact here.
– If your area is in Spain, please contact here.
– If your area is in SEA(Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Indonesia ), please contact here.