Design Example – Bridge Pier, Hammerhead Bent Cap, ACI SP 273-1

This design sample is based on ACI SP-273 “Further Examples for the Design of Structural Concrete with Strut-and-Tie Models”
SP273-1  Bridge Pier – Hammerhead Bent Cap

Download : 01BridgePier_bentcap.xlsx

Download : 01BridgePier_bentcap.stm


Initial modeling is performed using a template.
Below are the inputs.

img 005 img 006 img 007 img 008 img 009

After initial modeling, modeling of ACI SP273-1 was implemented using the Edit function, define Tie Types, and define Strut Types.

Using Edit Function :  stretch, move, copy, paste, mirror, etc

Two load combinations were applied and each modeling was applied.

img 019

Below are the Project Information inputs.

img 014

Below are the General Properties inputs.

img 015 img 016 img 017

Below are the Area Properties inputs.

img 018

< Structural Shape and Loads >img 011

< Modeling 1 >img 012

< Modeling 2 >img 013

< ESO >img 020

< Stress Flow >img 021

Report Preview

imgcap01 imgcap02 imgcap03 imgcap04 imgcap05 imgcap06 imgcap07 imgcap08 imgcap09 imgcap10 imgcap11 imgcap12 imgcap13 imgcap14 imgcap15 imgcap16 imgcap17 imgcap18 imgcap19 imgcap20 imgcap21 imgcap22 imgcap23 imgcap24 imgcap25 imgcap26 imgcap27 imgcap28 imgcap29 imgcap30 imgcap31  imgcap33 imgcap34 imgcap35 imgcap36 imgcap37 imgcap38 imgcap39 imgcap40 imgcap41 imgcap42 imgcap43 imgcap44 imgcap45

Download : 01BridgePier_bentcap.xlsx

Download : 01BridgePier_bentcap.stm


ACI-ASCE Committee 445, Further Examples for the Design of Structural Concrete with Strut-and-Tie Models; SP-273, American Concrete Institute, Michigan, USA, 2010.


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