AStrutTie Template3 – Pier Coping

1. Dimension

The dimensions of a pier coping(pier cap) are assigned. The boundary lines of the pier coping are drawn according to the assigned dimensions. The symbols T and EA are the thickness of the pier coping and the number of columns. The symbols LD1, LD2, and LD3 are the center-to-center distances of two columns in the pier coping supported by two, three, and four columns, respectively.


2. Bearing

The positions and dimensions of bearing plates are assigned. The notation Dist is the distance between a load point and left edge of the pier coping.



3. Load

The dead and live loads are assigned. After assigning the load names, they can be altered, added, or deleted in the DEFINE-Static Load. The positive values for vertical loads must be assigned. The positive horizontal loads are set as the forces acting from left to right. The negative horizontal loads are set as the forces acting from right to left.


4. STM setting

The number of nodes at column, three reference distances B, C, and D are assigned for the automatic construction of a strut-tie model for pier coping. Two nodes between two outside load points at the top and bottom of the coping can be generated.




The areas of reinforcing bars assigned to the pier coping below are recognized as the areas of steel ties of the strut-tie model for pier coping. The information on the reinforcing bars can be altered, added, or deleted in the DEFINE-Tie Types-Reinforcement Ties. The information can be assigned to the elements of the strut-tie model in the ASSIGN-Tie Types.


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