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AStrutTie is a strut-tie model analysis/design software for concrete members with disturbed stress region(s). It enables users to design corbel (bracket), abutment/pier footing, bridge pier coping (pier cap), frame corner, anchorage zone, deep beam, etc. The software supports U.S (ACI, ASHTO) and Europe (EuroCode2) Codes and Specifications.

Need Strut-Tie Model Analysis or Design?

How about using AStrutTie?

The strut-tie model approach has been recognized as an efficient methodology for the design of all types of structural concretes with D-regions, and accepted in design codes globally. However, the design of a structural concrete with the approach requires many iterative numerical structural analyses, numerous graphical calculations, enormous time and efforts, and designer’s subjective decisions in terms of the construction of an appropriate strut-tie model, determination of required areas of struts and ties, and verification of strength conditions of struts and nodal zones.

HanGil has developed a design software AStrutTie that enables the analysis and design of tructural concretes efficiently and professionally by overcoming the aforementioned limitations of the strut-tie model approach. In the software, all the numerical programs that are essential in the strut-tie model analysis or design of a structural concrete, including finite element analysis programs for the plane truss and solid problems with all kinds of boundary conditions, a program for evaluating the axial rigidities of struts and ties of statically determinate and indeterminate strut-tie models, a program for determining, and a program for the graphical verification of strut-tie model’s appropriateness by displaying various geometrical shapes of struts and nodal zones, are loaded. Great efficiency and convenience during the application of the strut-tie model approach may be provided by the various graphics environment-based functions of the software.