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Save as Word file...

An output file is saved as a Word file (*.rtf).

Save as Excel file...

An output file is saved as an Excel file (*.xlsx)

Save as PDF file...

An output file is saved as an PDF file (*.pdf)

PDF Page Setup

PDF Make page settings for output.

Enter the height of the headers and footers in % of full page height.

Enter the height that contains the Margin set in Setup Page Main.

You can see the height of the header and footer set in the header and footer dialog. ( B X H --> H is header or footer height)

If you want to put an image in the header, the image size should be made B X H pixel.

- Calculate B X H  

Page Size  : A4  210 x 297 mm

Margin : Setup Page Mangin

Header : 10 %

B = A4 width - left margin - right margin = 210 - 15-15 = 180

H = A4 height x Header % - top margin = 297 x 10% - 15 = 14mm (round down)

B X H = 180 X 14 mm

Pixel is automatically calculated by BXH.

- Below is a sample header setting.

Ex1 - Header setting

Ex2 - Header setting

Ex3 - Header setting

- Choose fonts Dialog

- Setup Page Main

- Setup Page Footer