Modeling View

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The geometrical shape of concrete member, finite element models of plane solid and truss structures, and structural analysis and design results are visualized. The structural design report can be previewed in Report tab.

1. Beginning Mode

2. Modeling Mode - ESO

When the ESO analysis is completed, the intermediate steps appear in Menu Tree-Phase. If one of the steps is clicked, the analysis results are visualized in Display Window.

3. Modeling Mode - Stress Flow

4. Modeling Mode - Truss

5. Report

Finite elements and nodes are generated for constructing the finite element model of a concrete member. The intermediate finite element model can be examined by designating the Outer Boundary and Inner Boundary and by applying Area. Some of the notations in the model can (dis)appear by altering the view options in the View Options Window.

The finite elements and nodes captured by mouse can be edited by coping, deleting, and moving. The information on the captured elements and nodes can also be assigned.

Multiple finite elements and nodes can be selected by dragging the mouse or using [shift + click], as shown below.