Beam-Column Joint

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The dimensions of a Beam-Column Joint are assigned. The boundary lines of the  Beam-Column Joint are drawn according to the assigned dimensions.

Beam-Column Joint template support two types. Interior type and exterior type are supported.

Interior Beam-Column Joint

Exterior Beam-Column Joint


Supports moments and shear forces of columns and beams.

The direction of the moment is based on the beam, CW means clockwise and CCW means counterclockwise.

Shear force is set based on moment direction. Moment and shear force should be input positive value.

Interior Beam-Column Joint

Exterior Beam-Column Joint

STM setting

Four reference distances A, B, C and D are assigned for the automatic construction of a strut-tie model for Beam-Column Joint.


The areas of the reinforcing bars assigned to the Beam-Column Joint below are recognized as the steel tie areas of the strut-tie model for a Beam-Column Joint. The information on the reinforcing bars can be altered, added, or deleted in the DEFINE-Tie Types-Reinforcement Ties. The information can be assigned to the elements of the strut-tie model in the ASSIGN-Tie Types.