Analysis Results and Structural Design Report

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By clicking Design Review after the structural analysis of the truss model, the information on the cross-sectional forces of struts and ties, required and provided reinforcements, minimum reinforcements, and strength verifications of struts and nodal zones is displayed in Truss Design Review window, as shown below.

The strength conditions of concrete struts can be verified visually by executing Max. Strut/Tie Width and Req. Strut/Tie Width functions in View Options window. In the figures shown below, the (grey-colored) maximum widths of tension and compression elements are shown in the left, and the maximum and (yellow-colored) required widths of the elements are shown in the right.

If the required strut widths are larger than the maximum strut width, the required strut widths are displayed in purple color.

The structural design report can be previewed by double clicking Report article or clicking Preview while the right button of mouse is clicked. The items that must be previewed or printed can be selected, as shown below.

The structural design report is saved (or printed) as a RTF or an Excel or PDF file by double clicking Save as RTF file or Save as Excel  or Sanve as Pdf file in Report Tab.

The report is also saved by clicking Print while the right button of mouse is clicked.

Note that the report can be saved as an Excel file only if the Microsoft Excel program is installed in the computer.